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Partner Spotlight: Ewals Cargo Care

Updated: Apr 26, 2023

We chatted to Ewals Cargo Care about their partnership with The Colchester Half Marathon and how Logistics Planner Josh Dunican lost over 9 stone after taking up running.

One Small Step For Josh

Josh Dunican, a Logistics Planner at Ewals Cargo Care, had never really ran much before October last year, but, after making the decision to become healthier and to change his lifestyle, he donned some running shoes and hit the tarmac.

At the time, Josh had recently experienced weight loss of roughly 3 Stone thanks to a change in lifestyle and diet and so spurred on by that success he decided to add regular physical exercise to his efforts. Running was the quickest and easiest way to get started, so he set himself an initial target of being able to run 5k without needing to pause for a breather.

It didn’t take too long for Josh to hit his endurance target and since adding running to his health plan he found himself shedding an impressive additional 6 stone.

One Big Run For Mr Dunican

When Josh heard Ewals Cargo Care were to be a main sponsor of the Colchester Half Marathon, it seemed an obvious choice to make running the 21-kilometre distance his next big target. “I’m looking forward to running with my colleagues, the fact ECC are sponsoring it makes it even more exciting” says Josh when asked about if he is looking forward to running as part of a team.

“My manager, Chris Smith, has given me constant running coaching and has helped with training plans and advice throughout my training journey, which is great. Sometimes he even comes for a run with me if I’m doing a particularly difficult run, such as a new longer distance, and I need help with the pacing.”

Chris, the UK & Ireland Operations Manager, is a long-time runner and had this to say on Josh’s progress: “It’s great to see Josh’s running coming on so well, he’s really committed to it. The company is very focussed on employee health and well-being, hence us sponsoring the event, and so we are always happy to help employees who are looking to undertake personal development. But, as a fellow runner, that I can help Josh even more perhaps than usual, that’s really great, and it’s been a pleasure doing the training with him.”

Ewals Cargo Care will be entering a total of 13 runners, roughly 20% of the employees based at their brand-new offices on Colchester Business Park near Severalls lane, with some of those being experienced runners and others being new to running, like Josh.

Like many taking part in the marathon, Josh is collecting on behalf of a charity, with Josh himself having already raised over £300 for the event’s official charity, The Robin Cancer Trust. You can sponsor him via his JustGiving page here:

Positive Habits, Positive Results

Josh’s commitment to his running has so far been excellent, and when questioned about whether he thinks he will keep it up after the Marathon his answer is a definitive yes.

“I see it as part of my routine now, I run at least 3 times a week, alongside playing badminton and football, my favourite route is around the new Sports Park up by Colchester FC. I definitely plan next year to do the Marathon again. This year I’m hoping for a time below 2 hours and 30 minutes, but whatever my time it will be a great target to work towards beating next year.”

So with that in mind we ask Josh two important questions.

What is the best thing about running?

“The feeling after the run has finished and you know how hard you worked to complete it is


And what is the worst thing about running?

“When it’s really cold or raining!”

We think it’s safe to say the sentiment is shared by runners everywhere!

Well done Josh, keep up the amazing effort.

Josh Dunican before and after losing 9 stone by taking up running.

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