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4 Running Tips for Beginners + Free Training Guide

Today’s blog will focus on something very important - YOU! While it is great to be ambitious and push yourself when training for a long-distance run like the Colchester Half Marathon - it is vital to take care of yourself, both physically and mentally, to avoid burning out and ensure you cross that finish line!

We are going to explore the most important things you need to know to take care of yourself while training for the Colchester Half Marathon, or any long distance run!

Stay Motivated

Some days will feel easier than others when it comes to running. It is important to stay motivated throughout this period. Try listening to an inspirational podcast or use music to help you power through. You can listen to our community curated CHM playlist here.

Rest Up

Running can be physically draining, and even involve injury if you push yourself too much! If you feel like your body needs a rest day, or you may have overdone it the day before, make sure you take some adequate rest time! Have a bath, relax your muscles and rest up to continue your training in your next running session.

Run Without Tracking Yourself

This one may be a bit controversial. Of course you need to track your running sessions to evaluate your performance, fitness level and whether you are up to completing a long-distance running event! But we suggest taking an untracked run every so often, to just enjoy the running without thinking about numbers or goals. Give yourself a mental break and just feel the experience of a run as a form of mindfulness! Just start a running session and stop when you feel ready. You may surprise yourself how far you go!

Eat Well

What we put into our bodies as food turns into fuel, and this fuel is key to completing our training and reaching our long-distance goals! Make sure you refuel after a run to replenish all the energy you lost. Stay tuned as next week we will be exploring the best post-run foods! Our friends at Running Colchester have made a simple to use yet effective training guide to kickstart your training journey. Our friends at Running Colchester have pulled together a simple, yet effective training plan so you can stay focussed and make sure you're prepared for running The Colchester Half Marathon.

Download PDF • 280KB

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