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Partner Spotlight: Scrutton Bland

We chatted to Scrutton Bland about their partnership with The Colchester Half Marathon and how training is going for some of their staff members.

Scrutton Bland is sponsoring the Colchester Half Marathon on May 21st, and some of our

people are going to be running the 13 miles around Colchester town centre. We asked them to let us know how the training is going, and this is what they said:

Shirley Greer

“Half marathon training on Friday. Running through some amazing woods, watching the

sunrise whilst training and planning my day ahead with the insurance team.”

Sam Willis

“Note to self: don’t do your long runs at peak heat and no shade lol”

Kate Cowell

“Hill training tonight. I don’t really mind the running up and down the hill, but having to jog past the dog poo bin is not exactly the most glamorous part of my training! Maybe I’ll

try a different route soon.”

Luke Morris

“To be honest it’s been a little while. Frankly Coco the dog is more up for it than I am at the moment.”

Luke and Coco the Dog during training

And if our runners need any inspiration …

Chris Hall in the tax team and Sam Linassi in BA both completed the London Marathon on

Sunday in the pouring rain. Chris did it in 3 hours, 20 minutes and 36 seconds, and Sam was

3 hours, 25 minutes and 42 seconds.

Sam said “It was a fun day and the crowds were so loud! I’m now really looking forward to going up and down two flights of stairs in the office'

Sam and Chris at the London Marathon 2023

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