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What Makes A Runner? Part 2 - Guest blog by Ewals Cargo Care

For the second year in a row, Ewals Cargo Care will be a headline sponsor of the Colchester Half-Marathon, and the European Logistics operator will be again fielding its own group of runners.

In part 1 of our blog we look at two of their team members and their reasons for


Here in part 2 we look again at two other members and their reasons for taking part

in the Colchester Half-Marathon.

The Contender - Matt

Running for the second year in a row, Matt is fast becoming well acquainted with the

Colchester Half-Marathon, but year 2 sees him training more in the run-up, with

lessons learned from last year still fresh in his mind.

“I joined the 2023 Half-Marathon team at ECC because I wanted a challenge

that I could say I’d achieved. I play a lot of football and am in generally good

shape and I did the run and finished with a good time but, bottom line, I did

not train enough and so found it quite a hard slog towards the end.

2024 gives me another chance to take it on but this time I want to feel like I

have really conquered it, I want to run it feeling comfortable the whole way

round if I can, and so I’m training hard and, most importantly, early.

I also want to beat Molly from ECC, and seeing how hard she is training I

know that I am going to have to definitely bring my A-Game this year!”

The Big Changer - Dave

Dave is running for the first time this year and his decision to run the marathon

comes after some big changes in his life, both personally and health wise. For him,

the event would serve as the perfect capstone to a year where he has already lost 2

stone in weight due to Gym take-up and running casually.

‘Since a young lad I HATED running. And it wasn’t just running, I generally hated the thought

of any type of exercise. I did like to take my bike out for a ride, but even then, I probably

spent most of my time sitting about a skatepark rather than actually cycling.

Around 14, my Dad, and both Grandads, all passed away, something that was very hard to

deal with at that age, and with their passing my life basically started to spiral downhill.

As a result, for many years I cut off friends, family, and more, and started heavily drinking as

an escape, smoking, and similar, spending much of my later teen years in a bad life place.

With the crazy event that was COVID-19 and lockdown though, I found myself again.

I restarted a relationship with my ‘childhood sweetheart’ and soon began a new career at

Ewals Cargo Care, with my time here and the people around me having been a very positive

and stabilising influence on me since.

With things beginning to settle down I also decided to quit smoking after many years of

being a smoker and had my last cig in January 2022. It’s been since then that I’ve really

committed myself to Gym and running, losing 2 stone in the process, and the Half-Marathon

will be a great experience to kind of celebrate the years achievement and really give me

something to work towards over the coming weeks.”

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