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Raising The Level With InColchester

The Times has released their Top 40 Most Exciting Cities to Visit in 2024 with Colchester

coming in at No.22. Colchester is continuing to drive itself as a destination not to be missed.

Launched in 2019, inColchester started as an idea, a dream and a goal to create a one-stop-

shop for all information on the city centre. After five-years, the brand is now well established

through its high performing website,, alongside its name as a main-stay

amongst most of the City’s large events such as the Colchester Soapbox Rally, Christmas

Light Parade, Colchester Business Awards and Garden Festival.

The website and app provides businesses with a platform to share their story, events, offers

or updates to a wider audience and become a collective voice for the city. Alongside this, it

is a place for residents and visitors to see the latest offers, events and city updates.

inColchester aims to promote the city centre in its best light and is essential for us to provide

one place to find all events, offers, businesses and updates that happen in Colchester city

centre. We believe we have delivered this, and more exciting content is to come! Look out

for more blogs, imagery, competitions and campaigns. The inColchester brand will expand

its delivery in Spring 2024 with the launch of the InColchester app.

A go-to on your smartphone, the app will notify you according to your interests on what is happening in the City Centre such as offers, blogs and events alongside giving you a voice through surveys and reporting tools.

Colchester is a great place to visit, with our history and the modern aspects hidden within.

We should be proud of our city and the community it holds. Our businesses have built a

connection between themselves, linking with the BID, and we now want to share this with the

consumers who experience our city centre. Come and visit, see what Colchester has to offer

and explore the many wonderful businesses we have on our streets.

With a jam-packed calendar of events in 2024 and wealth of exciting and innovative

businesses in the City Centre, now is your time to join incolchester.

See you soon!

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